Fort Worth Fellows

Build your legacy, network with community/city leaders, and join a select group of first and second year students dedicated to social change.

To better prepare students for their roles as ethical leaders and responsible citizens in a global community, the Office for Community Engagement (OCE) Fort Worth Fellows program seeks to provide students with an introduction to community engagement and public service.

Utilizing a two-tier, cohort based model, Fellows will receive an introduction to the variety of social issues impacting Fort Worth, explore root causes, and actively engage with the community. Through their involvement in the program, Fellows will enhance their multicultural competence and gain a variety of leadership skills related to communication, organizational management, and asset based community development

Upon successful completion of the tier one fellowship year, students will receive a certificate and pin in recognition of their work. Should students desire to continue the program, they will be guaranteed a spot in the tier 2 fellowship year. Upon successful completion of the tier two fellowship year, students will receive an additional certificate of completion and a graduation cord.

Application Process:

Interested students must complete an application and interview process. Applications must be submitted online by Friday, September 15 at 5pm. Interviews will take place the week of September 18, and students will be notified of their acceptance by Thursday, September 21.