Service-Learning Development Grants

Apply here. Applications due by July 31, 2018

Before continuing, be prepared to upload a Word document with the following proposal content:

Overview: Provide a description for the course, and state how you plan to incorporate service-learning into it. Make sure to explain how the proposed project/activities align with course objectives.

Community Need: Describe the need for the community work as defined by the community agency or partner and how the course/initiative aims to meet that need. Support your statements with information obtained from community partners.

Outcomes: Describe the desired outcomes for the students, staff, and community members involved.

Activities & Timeline: List the activities and timeline for the course, and describe how the service-learning project will be integrated into the schedule. Identify the roles and responsibilities of the primary people involved.

Evaluation: Outline a plan for assessing the educational outcomes for students and the process of gathering information from the community partners.

Budget: Please prepare an itemized budget, indicating the amount requested for different categories (such as supplies, training, travel, printing, etc.) and any in-kind contributions. Make sure to include justification for each line item, tying each proposed expenditure to specific project activities.

*If you have trouble submitting your information, please e-mail Dr. Rosangela Boyd at