Cook Children’s

Agency Mission: Our Promise – Knowing that every child’s life is sacred, it is the promise of Cook Children’s to improve the health of every child in our region through the prevention and treatment of illness, disease and injury.

Internships Available: Volunteer Service Intern (One position per semester)

Position Objective: Provide intern with a hands-on experience of volunteer management in a non-profit, medical environment, as well as a variety of other opportunities for personal and professional growth and hands-on learning.

Schedule: To be arranged with Volunteer Services Manager and student based on field placement hours needed and volunteer program needs. Shifts are weekday, with some evening and weekend hours necessary. Placements are available spring, summer, and fall.

Intern Responsibilities:

  • Assist the Volunteer Services Department staff with routine office procedures.
  • Learn how to use Volgistics (volunteer management database)
  • Assist the Volunteer Program Coordinators in preparing for and/or monitoring the Junior Volunteer Summer Program, College Student Program, Patient Care and Helping Hands programs.
  • Assist with volunteer orientations, inservices, and event planning.
  • Attend recruitment and recognition events with staff.
  • Attend medical center and community meetings (DOVIA), as appropriate.
  • Attend Volunteer Services events, as appropriate.
  • Develop and present a one-hour educational inservice for medical center volunteers.
  • Shadow three volunteers (adult, junior, employee) and personnel outside Volunteer Services who utilize volunteers.
  • Create a volunteer service description for a new position based on observations.
  • Create a “Legacy Project” that will have a lasting impact on Cook Children’s and allow the intern to ‘leave his/her mark’ and maintain a lasting relationship.
  • Attend VAC (Volunteer Advisory Council) meetings
  • Create an issue of the monthly newsletter, V.I.P. (Volunteer in Print); prepare and execute the distribution.
  • Update the volunteer bulletin board with a seasonal theme, photos, etc.
  • Visit other volunteer programs in the area.
  • Provide feedback to volunteer services staff.
  • Able to fulfill the internship commitment (Summer-25 hours per week, Spring and Fall-18 hours per week).

The VS intern placement reports to the Volunteer Services Manager.
This is an unpaid internship.

Contact Information: Marie Howell
Phone: 682.885.7452